Domain Printing Question

James W. Beauchamp jbeauchamp at
Tue Sep 26 18:38:07 GMT 2000

I have Samba 2.07 currently running under RH Linux 6.2 with mostly NTWS
connecting.  Samba provides all application and data shares.  I would like
to enable domain logons but am confused about how printing works.  I have
read the domain printing text file and just need to know do I have to setup
a printcap file for all printers served by the domain? If so, does anyone
know of a source for printcap files for HP printers.  I am a linux/unix
newbie and don't think I know enough to build one.... yet :)) I don't seem
to have problems with my HP 4 and 5's, but I have an odd ball HP ColorproCAD
that doesn't seem to work at all (all have jetdirect cards) I know that part
of the question is off topic, but this list is loaded with people already
doing this.

Any help would be appreciated.


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