Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Sep 26 05:16:50 GMT 2000

> > Samba does not "vet" the repository in any way before
> > it goes out the door via anonymous CVS.
> Is the door open all the time?

> > It is rsync copied from the master to a public staging
> > area before release, but it is copied in total, not
> > filtered in any way.
> Not the same thing.
> With FreeBSD I can get a DAILY update of every change to HEAD.  I can run
> it too, if I dare (and dare is the right word, since it doesn't always even
> build - say much less install)
> environment.  If I cannot get the changes you check in 5 minutes after you

it depends on how often the rsync cron job runs, but yes you can get the
changes immediately.

> > What gave you the idea that the repository was filtered ?
> You did.  You appeared to state that there were two repositories - one
> for "privileged" people, and one for the rest.

two repositories?  no,  one a read-only copy of the other?  yes.

this is for security reasons.  the public cvs system is run in a chroot

it means he doesn't have to read all the cvs sources to ensure there are
no back-doors in it!

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