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 You are incorrect here I'm afraid. AFAIK all branches of samba are always
available via anonymous cvs when everything is working as it should. Until
recently I had a cronjob which grabbed a copy of TNG and HEAD every night and
did a build.


On 26-Sep-00 Karl Denninger wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 25, 2000 at 06:00:09PM -0700, Jeremy Allison wrote:
>> Karl Denninger wrote:
>> > 
>> > No serious open-source project NEEDS to allow *WRITE* access to the
>> > repository on an arbitrary basis.
>> > 
>> > However, READ access to the *REAL* repository should be unrestricted.
>> > If its not, or if you "vet" the repository before offering it to the
>> > public,
>> > then its not open-source, no matter what you call it.
>> Samba does not "vet" the repository in any way before
>> it goes out the door via anonymous CVS.
> Is the door open all the time?
>> It is rsync copied from the master to a public staging
>> area before release, but it is copied in total, not
>> filtered in any way.
> Not the same thing.
> With FreeBSD I can get a DAILY update of every change to HEAD.  I can run
> it too, if I dare (and dare is the right word, since it doesn't always even
> build - say much less install)
> If Samba's team provides less, then you ARE NOT an open development
> environment.  If I cannot get the changes you check in 5 minutes after you
> do it (should I poll the CVS server at that point in time) then you're 
> simply not an open project.
>> What gave you the idea that the repository was filtered ?
> You did.  You appeared to state that there were two repositories - one for
> "privileged" people, and one for the rest.
> If that's not what you meant, then I retract the criticism.
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