Terminal Server and samba config 2.0.7

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Fri Sep 22 03:11:17 GMT 2000

Grotnes Per Kjetil PBE-SIT writes:
 > > The problem is not SAMBA specific. Well, sort of... As Solaris does have
 > > rather low default limit of 1024 file descriptors per process and you
 > > might be hitting it first (unless you've tuned the rlim_fd_max). In
 > >either case
 > > http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q190/1/62.ASP is the
 > > way to work the problem around.
 > Ah, excellent Andy.  I have done as  suggested in the article.  Another fix which is 
 > described as the samba-fix is the "nt smb support = no" in the "smb.conf" file.
 > I did both fixes and we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if this works.
 > (articles on the other fix: 
 > http://info.ccone.at/INFO/Mail-Archives/samba/Jul-1999/msg00015.html)
 > Thanks alot for the help.

FYI, we've been running our Windows Terminal Server systems with the
registry fix referenced by the KB entry above
(MultipleUsersOnConnection = 0) for the past year or so, and it solved
the problems associated with all of the users being handled by the
same smbd process (i.e. locking issues, reliability problems, etc).

We're running with NT SMB support enabled, so there's no need to set
"nt smb support = no" as long as you're careful about applying the
aforementioned registry poke on all of your WTS systems.  (Turning off
NT SMBs does work, though... we did that before we found out about the
registry setting.  But I think you lose NT ACL support when you turn
off NT SMB support, among other things).

IMHO, it's good practice to turn off multiple users per connection on
large WTS installations regardless of whether you're using Samba for
your file services.  Why someone thought having the muxing as the
default behavior was a good thing is a mystery to me...

-Andrew (different guy than the Andy mentioned above :-) )

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