Terminal Server and samba config 2.0.7

Grotnes Per Kjetil PBE-SIT PerKjetil.Grotnes at pbe.oslo.kommune.no
Fri Sep 22 07:32:52 GMT 2000

Andrew  writes:
> FYI, we've been running our Windows Terminal Server systems with the
> registry fix referenced by the KB entry above
> (MultipleUsersOnConnection = 0) for the past year or so, and it solved
> the problems associated with all of the users being handled by the
> same smbd process (i.e. locking issues, reliability problems, etc).

Good to know.   We are on our first day testing this fix now.

> We're running with NT SMB support enabled, so there's no need to set
> "nt smb support = no" as long as you're careful about applying the
> aforementioned registry poke on all of your WTS systems.  (Turning off
> NT SMBs does work, though... we did that before we found out about the
> registry setting.  But I think you lose NT ACL support when you turn
> off NT SMB support, among other things).

Well, I am desperate.  I would have manually turned the CPU fans if they said that would 
help. :-)  I will remove the "nt smb support = no" later if this works now.  But as it is, "do not 
change a winning team".   I will have to check up on what features I will lose by this.

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