Using Samba with Windows NT domains [indeed OT]

ISM Kolemanov, Ivan i.kolemanov at
Mon Sep 18 12:07:21 GMT 2000

>Hi! My name's Pedro and i'm from PORTUGAL. 
Hi Pedro

>I've set up a proxy server, running under RedHat 6.2, using Squid, 
>and it's qorking fine, but i wish to have the log files authenticated by
user login. 
>I'm trying to use the smb_auth software and i've followed the steps
>to join the NT domain ( The PDC is an NT Server ) and have successfully 
>joined the domain, but i can't get a valid authentication.

The following is the test which worked nice for me:

you have to have installed samba - in my case 2.0.7 on OpenBSD 2.07
you don't have to configure anything about samba, the smb_auth module use
only the clients programs from samba

then you have to compile Squid with the smb_auth module
also creating empty file "proxyauth" on the NETLOGON share of the primary
domain !!!
(for the test it was NT server machine)

the squid.conf
you can also specify with '-U IPaddress' the ip address of the PDC machine
authenticate_program /usr/local/bin/smb_auth -W PDC_TEST -B
acl domainusers proxy_auth REQUIRED
acl authusers proxy_auth ikolemanov
acl daytime time 08:00-17:00
acl all src 0/0
http_access allow authusers
http_access allow domainusers daytime
http_access deny all

more info on

hope it helps

Ivan Kolemanov

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