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Mon Sep 18 11:08:34 GMT 2000

Samba 2.0.7 works fine as a PDC for NT4 machines, and supports all the
basic functionality.

If you are getting a truncated user list, or if you user list misses
some entries from your smbpasswd file, just check that each entry inthe
smbpasswd file has a matching entry in your passwd file. 

I had this problem when I changed a machines name and did not change
it's unix account to match.


P.S. sorry Simo, you get this one twice, I was too hasty with the send

Simo Sorce wrote:
> Christophe Merle wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > We have a Samba Server 2.0.7 (running on a Solaris 7 system) as PDC for
> > NT 4.0 Machines and have the following problem: New added
> > Samba Users can log in and use shares from NT-Clients but remaining
> > invisible in the "domain user list" of NT. This user list can for
> > example be displayed under NT with the dos-command "net user /domain".
> > This is a problem when you for example want to give Administrator
> > privileges to a user, the NT admin tool displays an incomplete list of
> > users in the current domain and it's also impossible to add the desired
> > user in the Administrator list. These incomplete user list causes
> > several other problems with administration software using this user
> > list.
> > I have readed that this problem can be caused by inconsistencies in the
> > smbpasswd (Also a user that exists in the smbpasswd but not in the
> > /etc/passwd). I have wrote a script to check the consistency of each
> > user und "thrusted machine" account in my smbpasswd and not found any
> > problem. After many days of investigation i have found something very
> > interesting:
> > I have deleted all "thrusted machine account" from smbpasswd and left
> > only the around 400 users in it. Each user can log in and use share from
> > NT-Clients, but when I execute the command "net user /domain" the user
> > list displayed contains only !! 250 users !!. I first thought the user
> > 251 is inconsistent and I have immediatly deleted him from smbpasswd but
> > the NT user list still contains 250 users. I think this is the source of
> > my problem. Probably this problem is caused by a part of samba that has
> > not been yet properly implemented.
> > Our samba system work in a production environment so whe have a big
> > Problem with it. And the Problem is about to become a disaster when we
> > will add soon other 2000 Thousand users on your system.
> > Is this limitation a known problem?
> > Know somebody this problem and eventually a work around to bypass it?
> >
> As said many times and reported on the samba main site and mirrors:
>  samba 2.0.x series PDC support is unsupported and above all not
> complete.
> You cannot add users to groups with NT tools and user listing will not
> function properly.
> If you need true PDC functionality you need to try samba TNG but be
> aware this is alpha software and you have to test carefully if you want
> to use this code in production environment.
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