help, help, help!!!!!

ISM Kolemanov, Ivan i.kolemanov at
Mon Sep 18 11:05:20 GMT 2000

>samba2.0.7 as PDC 
>clients win98 winNT4 SP5 clients often can't log on cause of bad password 
>even if the password is true and also often can't access to shares cause of

>the same problem. my boss tell me that if i can't resolve this problem 
>i'll have to turn back under WinNT server Please help me.... 

I had the same problem with Redaht 6.2, samba 2.07 as PDC
and winNT4 clients, the machines just did random login

samba-tng-2.6 seems ok with winNT4 SP5 and win2k,
no idea about win98

Ivan Kolemanov

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