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Please help me...

I was trying to authenticate a WinNt into Solaris 7 as 
pdc, using Samba 2.1.0 Pre-alpha (Head) and OpenLdap 
1.2.9 for storing passwd an usernames.

I was following the HowTo by Ignacio Coupeau but it 
doesnt work for me.

My problem is that all goes right until i try to use 
smbpasswd, then i get an error...

I have added all classes and users /etc/passwd and 
Ldap database, but can´t do it with smbpasswd....

Another question is: How i encrypt the users passwords?
        It's not you. Samba finds proper fields in samba account
        object and fills'em up. So, if I remember well,
        standard password field setting doesn't affect
        samba authentication process and samba passwords.

And what are Rids, and Sids?
        These are:
                Relative Identifier (the former)
                Security Identifier (the latter)

        SID is the NT style global identifier. Something like
        UID on the Unix systems. While UID is the 16 bit number,
        SID is a structure (containing numbers of course).
        RID is "local scope" identifier. It's related
        to the current system/domain only.
        This is quite simplified view, but I think it clarifies
        the problem a bit.

        Rest of the samba ntdom list members: Correct me if I'm wrong,
        not enough precise or forgot something wrong, please !
        I'm just a human, not Samba-team member and I learn
        something new everyday :-)


Please if you have any experience with this let me 

Lots af thanks in advance...

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