Dialing into a Linux "RAS" server

C.Lee Taylor lee.taylor at aeroton.scania.co.za
Wed Oct 18 13:07:13 GMT 2000

> Problem
> From a non-DUN client, I can see the RedHat server from Network
> complete with its shares.  I can also send messages from the Linux server
> specific NT workstations.  When I test with a DUN, I connect, login to the
> Linux server, type PPP, and hit the Continue button.  This works: the
> terminal screen disappears, the DUN says that it's verifying username and
> password.  _However_, when that process is done and the DUN icon is in the
> system tray, I cannot browse the Network Neighborhood.  It's almost like
> ppp, mgetty, or something with the DUN client is blocking Samba
> capabilities.
    Have you told your RAS setup to accept server assigned IP address.  Have
you setup pppd to pass server assigned address.  Are you able to open a
connection to the server by using the IP ie \\

    I think that you have not set the DNS and WINS address for pppd.  It
should be in the conf file for the pppd connection.  Settings should be
something like ...

;Your DNS Server Address ...
; Your WINS Server IP Address

    As you can see that my services are on different servers.  The WINS
server should be your SAMBA server, but you might have another computer
acting as WINS server.

    There is also a setting in DUN settings for TCP to log onto the network
... sometimes that needs to be set so that you can see the SMB servers.

    I hope this helps.

C.Lee Taylor

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