Dialing into a Linux "RAS" server

Steve Gonzales gonzo at eng.lsu.edu
Wed Oct 18 12:33:20 GMT 2000

The goal is to use a RedHat Linux 7.0 server to act as a sort of RAS server
for a Windows NT Network.

Client setup
We have a Win98 laptop that has a DUN for both our NT RAS server and our
Linux dialin server.  The NT RAS DUN works fine.  We have adjusted Linux DUN
to run a terminal screen upon connect.  Everything else remains the same as
the RAS DUN specification.

Linux Server
I have downloaded and installed the latest version of Samba: it appears to
be working fine from a non-DUN standpoint.  I also have the latest pppd and
mgetty.  They, too, work fine.


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