Login Win95 into NT server through SAMBA

Patrick Ouellette knightslayer at home.com
Mon Oct 16 15:07:20 GMT 2000

At 07:00 AM 16/10/00 -0400, Gerry George wrote:
>>Defeats the purpose:
>>- the printer is plugged into the Win98se box, due to the Win98se box 
>>being the actual work box
>>- the shares are on the Win98se box since that's also where the burner 
>>is, and no one but a select few know how to use a burner & software under Linux
>You can keep the printer on Win98 and share it over Samba.  You would not 
>necessarily share the burner over the network, since the burning cannot be 
>done remotely (AFAIK).  Therefore, this does not preclude you from doing 
>as suggested.  Simply moving your files to Samba and using the file shares 
>from there.

The question is: how do I share the Win98 printer through Samba so it's 
visible - would prefer it being visible from the Win98 machine, but I'll 
settle for through SAMBA if need be.
Not trying to share the burner itself, just hd space reserve for it so 
people can put their files on my system remotely then come over and burn 
the CD's.

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