Login Win95 into NT server through SAMBA

Patrick Ouellette ouellep at algonquincollege.com
Mon Oct 16 19:50:21 GMT 2000

At 06:21 PM 16/10/00 +0200, Urs Steiner wrote:
> > Actually, everything short of being able to have my Win98se machine and
> > shares visible on the net works like a charm.
> > It just seems to get stuck at the SAMBA machine and not broadcast past 
> that
> > point ...
>waaaaiiitt a moment here ...
>as your win98 box has a 192.168.*.* adress which doesn't get routed, the
>rest of the computers don't know where to find this computer ...
>try on one of the computer a ping of the ip address of the 98se-box ...
>(this shouldn't work, something like "no route to host" or somesuch)
>but from the 98se box you should be able to ping the rest ... (if not you
>may need to do something with ip-forwarding/masquerading  on the linux /
>samba box)

This occured to me as well. Problem is, how do I do it without using up 
another IP on the network ?
Even if I did use a real IP on the network, how in heck would the SAMBA box 
be able act as the communication medium between the Win98se box and the 
rest of the network if they're both real IP's on the net ?

>(i know, somehow samba should overcome this perhaps ?!?)

I assumed this is what WINS would solve ...


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