Login Win95 into NT server through SAMBA

Patrick Ouellette knightslayer at home.com
Mon Oct 16 15:09:53 GMT 2000

At 01:18 PM 16/10/00 +0100, you wrote:
> > Well, the login works like a charm, I've even managed to map the share on
> > the NT server to run the login script through SAMBA - that was a mind
> > bender. All of my TCP/IP is working fine, and I can browse the network and
> > access shares on other Win9x/NT machines on the network.
> >
> > What ISN'T working is other people trying to see me on the Network
> > Neighborhood and accessing my shared printer and directories on my win98se
> > machine. I'm not visible on the Network Neighborhood, and, the few times
> > I've managed to BECOME visible, no shares show up.
>Can you see the shares on the Samba server if you ask for it by name on
>a Windows client (Start Menu -> Find -> Find Computer, or Start Menu ->
>Run -> "\\netbiosname-of-server")?

No, I tried that ... no access.
"smbclient -L netbiosname-of-win98machine" on the SAMBA machine shows them, 

>Are you sure that the netmask and broadcast address of the Samba system
>matches the other machines on the local network?

Yes, I've verified this through the IT people and other machines on the 

>Are there any other transport protocols loaded on the Windows machines
>(see network control panel)? I normally try to eliminate NetBEUI,
>IPX/SPX, etc, wherever possible. Browsing works more reliably if all the
>machines in a NetBIOS workgroup use a single transport (which has to be
>TCP/IP, if a Samba server is going to participate).

No, they're TCP/IP only.

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