reason we(you) cant keep using Samba

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Thu Oct 5 20:52:37 GMT 2000

1) I used to contribute time & effort to Samba. I used to sit and work with
a sniffer long before NT's protocol toy was released. Yet when I reported
and demonstrated problems in the implemention, Jeremy would make smart
remarks about "who would need that"? and other randomness.

I did end up chatting directly with another developer for some time, but
sending things to the samba list (it was only one at the time) was useless.

2) I spent about 140 hours once updating the Samba docs. I sent the patches
in and didn't get a single reply. When I sent in a comment about that,
Jeremy responded that my notes were useless, it wasn't made for people who
didn't know what they were doing.

Over 80% of my changes were updates to bring the docs in line with recent
code releases, and to fix errata or completely undocumented stuff. This was
back in the says when Samba released often, sometimes back-to-back.

3) I was part of a group that suggested, then offered a plan for commercial
support of Samba. We had Sun, HP & IBM ready to put cash into this for
source code rights. Andrew had a really bad taste for this and wanted to keep
it developed on personal time. His choice, but it means that we can't 
contribute money to aid development.

So unlike your ignorant self, I have contributed roughly 800 hours of my
time and even put my money where my mouth was.

Can all those idiots who really think that we should just shut up and
accept whatever is handed to us please redirect their replies to /dev/null ?
Open source projects don't work without community input, regardless of what
Jeremy may think. If the Samba team would ever lose the useless, irrelevant
"who cares?" attitude of several members, they'd get a lot farther.

And before you say that we can take the code and run with it, duh - I know
that. But there isn't a better team out there with the time to do it that
I've seen. Luke is damn good at protocol/implementation analysis, but his
code isn't up to providing the backbone of the project. He knows this, or
he would have take the split and run with it. I don't have the time to be a
primary contributor (my strength is in testing and implementation issues).
So, no, I don't have a team to do it better. Doesn't mean that it shouldn't
be done better.

On Thu, Oct 05, 2000 at 04:13:58PM -0400, Edward Schernau wrote:
> How dare you complain that Samba doesn't fit the niche you
> need it for?  It's _FREE_.  You know what that means, right?
> To sum up:  Andrew,Jeremy, and even Luke do this FOR NOTHING.
> You're lucky you have ANYTHING.  Sure, they get paid by
> interested parties, but you personally, have contributed
> nada financially, and certainly nothing in the way of any moral
> support.
> So instead of damning them and whining that it doesn't do
> what you want, when you want it, why not either kick in some
> cash, code, or be quiet?
> There's a roadmap out there, ACL support in 2.0.8, for example,
> and other stuff (and I haven't even looked at lately).
> Take what you get (for free) and be happy.
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