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Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Mon Nov 27 19:08:58 GMT 2000

Hazen Valliant-Saunders wrote:
> Well now that i've tested and RT2FM.
> Ok Heres a brief story.
> 1. Decided to try to use Samba as a PDC for My current place of employment.
> (Figured i'd save my work the 5,000 windoze PDC costs for a network of our
> size.)
> So i started with 2.0.7, however we have Win2k Professionel (Egh Gaad it
> sucks!)  and figured i'd need either HEAD, TNG, or 2.2.0prealpha, Dloaded
> and compiled each one respectively (RH 6.2 2.2.14 i586) 2.2.0prealpha works
> the best (Past the 48 over the week end test of remaining up!!)

We run 2.0.7 here at the moment. I guess the NT print driver
functionality in 2.2.0 may be enough to offset running alpha ....

> Now on this network we have one linux box, 8NT4SP5Dell Workstations, and 3
> Laptops (one Toshiba Win98 and two Dell W2kPro Lattitudes), not to mention
> the Hewlett Packard PIII W98 Front desk system.   So this is a homogenous
> networking environment that does not always function beacuse of problems
> with Windowze (more specificly NT4 and W2KPro, or Lan MGR4 and LanMGR5 or
> active directory.)
>         Now What i need to do is:
> 1.  Figure out how to Migrate all of the locally stored profiles to the PDC!
> (Yes i know i have to copy all of the profile files to the home directory of
> the user (Set up in SMB.Conf see below)

Log in as a user with admin proveleges on the NT on which the user
profile lives currently:
Connect to \\pdc\profiles
Start -> Settings -> COntrol Panel -> System -> Profiles.
Select a profile, choose copy, remember to set "Who is auth'ed to use
this profile" to either "Everyone" or the domain account of the user.
Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages.

> 2.  Figure out how the heck to modify the profiles so that OUTLOOK *.PST
> files will remain local on the users home machiene.  The HD on the Linux box
> is a 1.6GB Western-Digital (yes i know very old but it works beautifully)
> Now Most of the pst files are huge here (ie: 200 to 500MB in size)  I kid
> you not!  I need to figure out how to modify profile admin settings so that
> i do not run out of space on that drive!

Move the outlook.pst out of the profile first to a better place, restart
outlook, when it complains, show it where the original is.

> 3.  Need to figure out how to copy the Profiles (More Specificly the
> ntuser.dat and ntuser.da0 to the new dirve.  I know i shall half to
> those files by booting into safe mode dos only and coping then)  however I
> am not sure how to get the proper home directory or am I to extract the
> local profile directoy to the the remote profile dir (chmod and chown
> permessions anyone!)

This is hanled by the above prcedure.

> In summation I need a  PDC migration how-to or guide, i've seen many
> questions but very few relevant awnsers. and i need to know how to do this
> withing the next week.
[snip smb.conf - I assume since it mostly works, it's more or less ok]

On closer inspection I think you need a profiles share:

This is what I use in samba 2.0.7
path =/path/to/profiles
guest ok = yes
writeable = yes

and you need to set the profile options in general:
logon path = \\%L\profiles\%U		#NT
logon home = \\%L\%U\.profiles		#win9x
#see the docs n domains for the reasons (good) for this.


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