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Stokes edmundo at moscow.com
Mon Nov 27 20:53:26 GMT 2000

> Hazen Valliant-Saunders wrote:
> >
> [snip]

> > 2.  Figure out how the heck to modify the profiles so that OUTLOOK *.PST
> > files will remain local on the users home machiene.  The HD on the Linux
> > is a 1.6GB Western-Digital (yes i know very old but it works
> > Now Most of the pst files are huge here (ie: 200 to 500MB in size)  I
> > you not!  I need to figure out how to modify profile admin settings so
> > i do not run out of space on that drive!


I suggest you buy a new hard drive simply because it is such a splendid
solution to this problem, not to mention a sound investment.  Also, they are
cheaper than dirt these days.  Here is a link that I found through
pricewatch.com in 5 seconds to buy a 30 gig ide Western Digital (sounds like
you like that company--personally, I only use IBM drives due to past drive
failures with other companies) for $106:

M Stokes

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