Can't ping names in the WINS server

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Tue Nov 21 23:34:46 GMT 2000

At 08:17 PM 21/11/2000 +0100, Pablo wrote:

Not sure what you are asking (and your html formatted post does not return
well). But :

DHCP and ping refer to the tcp/ip .
WINS and Samba refer to the smb protocol.

Are you getting these confused ? You cannot ping a name that appears in the
wins list unless you have used the same names. We do, for example, has a machine name of bcdb1 but it does not _have
to_ be that way. If you are allocating machine ip address via dhcp then it
pretty hard to ensure that they have the same machine name....

>   Hello all.   I have a NT PDC running WINS server and DHCP  server. I
>have installed Samba 2.0 in a Linux box. I have configured this  computer
>like a DHCP client and it is working nice. When I use Samba I can view 
>this machine in the network, becouse this machine registers itself in the
>WINS  server. This is all good, but the problem is that a can't acces like
>a client to  the WINS server. When I try to ping to a computer that is
>registered in the WINS  server the Linux box don't seem to connect to this
>server.   I have configured the nmbd daemon with the WINS  options like
>this:   dns proxy = No Wins proxy = Yes wins server = 'WINS server of my 
>network' wins support = No wins hook =   I have set also this option:  
>name resolve order = wins host lmhosts  bcast   Tahnks in advance. 
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