Plea for advice: 2.0.7 or 2.2cvs?

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Tue Nov 21 14:11:42 GMT 2000

Jacek Stolarczyk wrote:

> Now, coming to my question: what samba version should I use?
> a) 2.0.7
> b) SAMBA_2_2 cvs branch
> c) wait (probably just a few days) for 2.2alpha1

For production environments, stick with a stable release 
is my opinion.  Less likely to get burned that way.  2.2 
is coming along nicely, but the next alpha will probably 
not make it to you in the next few days.

> Do the additional features in 2.2 version balance 
> the (presumably) worse stability of an alpha version?

2.2 is a major leap in Samba's like IMO.  While I really
am proud of what is in there, i would still recommend 
sticking to a stable release, unless there is a specific
feature that you need.

Cheers, jerry
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