Plea for advice: 2.0.7 or 2.2cvs?

Jacek Stolarczyk jacek at
Mon Nov 20 22:34:40 GMT 2000


I will be in the next two days installing a server in a new lab (server will 
be running RH7.0 Linux, custom install or patched RH 6.2) which will be 
supposed to run as a PDC for about 20 stations running NT4.0 SP6 (actually 
these will be dual boot stations running Linux and NT). Neither Win2000 nor 
Win98 will be running in the environment in the near future though some may 
appear in by the end of the year.
Now, coming to my question: what samba version should I use?
a) 2.0.7
b) SAMBA_2_2 cvs branch
c) wait (probably just a few days) for 2.2alpha1
This is a scientific and students' lab so the stability is needed but no 
critical equipment is there. Server data are to be backed up regularly. I 
have read instructions on David Bannon's great site but I'm still not sure 
which one too choose. I have been successfully running samba 2.0.5a as a PDC 
in a smaller lab in mixed Win98 & WinNT4.0 & Linux environment so I know that 
basic functionality is there (in 2.0.x versions). Do the additional features 
in 2.2 version balance the (presumably) worse stability of an alpha version?


Jacek Stolarczyk
jstolarz at
Coordinator of Polish translations of KDE
netadmin of Faculty of Chemistry, Silesian Univ. of Techn.

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