Samba/Explorer Problems

Andrew Klaassen ak at
Mon Nov 20 17:47:10 GMT 2000

On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 04:48:46PM +0100, 
Ivan Iliev wrote:

> Hi,
> Some days ago, someone posted here, that he had a problem with
> samba and explorer shell that get killed.
> There were no replies to the list on this topic. I have the
> same problem with TNG 2.6 PDC and W2K Workstation (actually
> two of them). Every time, a user clicks on the right mouse
> button, the explorer (shell) restarts, because of error.

I have had something somewhat similar happen with NT and TNG. 
In my case it was the result of some odd problem with the local
versions of the users' profiles.  I just deleted the local copy
of the roaming profile (in c:\winnt\profiles\username) and
everything would be fine again - until someone decided to "use
local copy of profile" rather than downloading their profile
when the NT login asked them what they wanted to do.

Specifically, here's what would happen in our case:  Explorer
would die, generating a "Dr Watson" thingy, then restart,
whenever the user tried to close a window or access an item in
the Start menu.  (This led to an interesting logout problem for
inexperienced users; they'd try to log out, but NT would
generate the exception and bump them right back into Explorer. 
The only way to break the cycle was with Ctrl-Alt-Del.)

Andrew Klaassen

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