ideas for avoiding 'remote procedure call failed and did notexecute' error

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Mon Nov 20 09:48:59 GMT 2000

* "albert" == albert braun <albert_b at> writes:

 > That said, if you have any words of wisdom on installing Samba
 > 2.0.7 on a SuSE 6.1 box, please let me know. The thought of
 > upgrading Samba crossed my mind, but I wasn't able to find a nice
 > binary rpm for installing 2.0.7 on my SuSE 6.1 box. Further
 > guidance appreciated.

You could always make your own rpm.  I would offer advice but I use
debian so the process is different I guess.  Failing that you can
always install from source under /usr/local here the bin files will go
under /usr/local/bin so if you are using inetd to start the nmbd/smbd
daemons you can just modify the path to the bin files in the


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