profiles and policies

eirvine eirvine at
Mon Nov 20 09:50:59 GMT 2000

Hi Neal,
I have always used roaming profiles, 
so I've never tried to turn it
off. However, If your users are 
saving their files to either the
My Documents folder or on to their 
Desktop, then they are by default
saving to their own profile, thus 
increasing its size, thus increasing
the logon time.
Perhaps you could convince your users
to save somewhere better?

Hope this helps.

Neal Koss wrote:
> Each time I log into the Samba network, The system seems to be copying a
> large number of files from the Server to the client computer. I would
> prefer that this not occur.
> My setup is just a small network and I do not require roaming profiles, but
> I would like to see more rapid logons and logoffs. I use Windows 98 for my
> clients and FreeBSD 4.1.1 on the gateway computer running Samba.
> Thank you

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