profiles and policies

Neal Koss nkoss at
Tue Nov 21 00:07:24 GMT 2000

It's not the use of the roaming profiles that is the problem. I just don't 
need them. My network is just the 2 computers in my home and I always logon 
from my machine. But I'm sorry, I just don't understand what you meant by 
the users saving their files.... I thought (for example, in Eudora) that I 
was saving to a subdirectory of my main Eudora directory, but I find that 
somehow Win98 and Samba have changed that to 
C:\windows\profiles\neal\application data\qualcomm\eudora. I never set that 
up! Similarly, some other programs have ended up with their data 
directories there too. Are these being refreshed with each logon also? This 
is what I am trying to avoid since it just adds time to the logon. Thanks....

At 08:50 PM 11/20/00 +1100, eirvine wrote:
 >Hi Neal,
 >I have always used roaming profiles,
 >so I've never tried to turn it
 >off. However, If your users are
 >saving their files to either the
 >My Documents folder or on to their
 >Desktop, then they are by default
 >saving to their own profile, thus
 >increasing its size, thus increasing
 >the logon time.
 >Perhaps you could convince your users
 >to save somewhere better?
 >Hope this helps.
 >Neal Koss wrote:
 >> Each time I log into the Samba network, The system seems to be copying a
 >> large number of files from the Server to the client computer. I would
 >> prefer that this not occur.
 >> My setup is just a small network and I do not require roaming profiles, but
 >> I would like to see more rapid logons and logoffs. I use Windows 98 for my
 >> clients and FreeBSD 4.1.1 on the gateway computer running Samba.
 >> Thank you

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