ideas for avoiding 'remote procedure call failed and did not execute' error

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Sun Nov 19 22:57:55 GMT 2000

At 12:52 PM 19/11/2000 -0800, albert braun wrote:
>I'm posting this because it took me a long time to find the solution to
>my problem of making W2K professional and Samba 2.0.5 to talk to each
>other nicely. I kept getting a 'remote procedure call failed and did not
>execute' error even though I had set 'encrypt passwords' = 'Yes'. 

Albert, thanks for you efforts but if you are going to use W2K then you
would be better looking at upgrading to a newer version of samba. 2.0.7
will share with W2K and the pre-release will let it join the domain (with
some issues...).

2.0.5 was around before W2K was thought of (by samba anyway).


>It took a while to discover that I needed to set two additional
>parameters to 'no' in order to really make it work. 
>In short, the three settings below worked for me, and may also be useful
>to you if you're trying to make a new W2k box talk to an existing samba
>Set these three parameters in smb.conf: 
>          encrypt passwords = Yes
>          nt smb support = No
>          nt pipe support = No
>I hope this saves someone some time. 
>Best Regards, 
>Albert Braun
>albert_b at
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