Samba 2.2.0 and Win2K joining the domain

Torne Wuff torne at
Mon Nov 6 18:46:33 GMT 2000

> > I have SAMBA_2_2 pulled down on 3 Nov and I can't get it to
> work. My machine
> > says 'Cannot join domain, the credentials supplied conflict
> with an existing
> > set'. Any clues? =)
> this has nothing to do with richard's problem.
> The creds conflit is due to you already have a connection with the PDC.
> Either your wks is in a workgroup with the same name as the domain or you
> have a network connection to the PDC.
> Move your wks to a different workgroup, reboot and try again to join the
> domain.

It was in a workgroup with the same name - I changed it and now it fails
differently. The Network Identifiation dialog always prompts for a user name
and password, whether I create a machine account in /etc/passwd and in
smbpasswd or not. It accepts my credentials now when I log in as root, and
creates the accounts successfully if I have not already created one, even
changing the password (since when I look in smbpasswd the hash has
changed) - then just locks up for about 2-3 minutes before reporting 'cannot
join domain, GBD000CD (the domain name) could not be contacted or is not

Looking in the Samba log files, even set on loglevel 3 doesn't seem to show
anything as failing..


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