Can Samba Provide a User List for Win98 Sharing

James W. Beauchamp jbeauchamp at
Wed Nov 1 18:59:14 GMT 2000

My knowledge begins to run out here, but I can tell you how I solved
similar problem here.  I am only running 2.0.7 but I do have NtWS clients.
I noticed that sometimes when I switch Domain names (while testing) or leave
and rejoin the domain, SAMBA would respond with a domain not found or
password invalid.  What I have gotten in the habit of doing is going to
SAMBA and resetting the machine password for the machine I'm working on.
This seemed to solve the problem and I could rejoin the domain.

I know this really has nothing to do with the version you're working on but
you never can tell.  It may be worth a try if you haven't already done it.
I think the SAMBA gurus need to respond here.... :)  that way us newbies can
continue to learn and seek the higher level of knowledge.... :))



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>      Thanks, James, for all the help.  Looking at the web resource you
> gave me was the key to getting things up and running.
>      There's a strange problem that's happening with the configuration.
> I used the default pdc.smb.conf making a few changes as posible so as
> not to break the setup, and to actually see it work.  Now when I try to
> set the domain to something other than the "LARS" which was in the
> default file, I it won't allow me to use the resources.  My passwords
> don't work.
>      This is the error that comes in the log.smb:
>   SMB LM/NT Password did not match!
>   Rejecting user 'ljames': authentication failed
>      Is there some place where the workgroup/domain information is
> stored and some way I can change it?  I deleted the /usr/local/samba
> directory and started over fresh.  However, still, the "LARS" works,
> while any other name for the workgroup will always produce the same
> error.
>      Thanks in adance for anyone who has any suggestions or comments.
> -- L. James
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> > Larry:
> > Take a look at
> >
> > and also
> > for thorough discussions of these issues.
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