Samba 2_2 Source Tarball

ctooley at ctooley at
Wed Nov 1 15:12:34 GMT 2000

Does anyone have a source base that they have confirmed use of Windows 2000
Domain logins on.  If so, could you please tar it up and let me try to use your
source base.  I've been getting all kinds of weird problems and I just cannot
get my Win 2k machine to join the Samba domain.  I've grabbed the snapshot and
cvs (on 4 or 5 occasions) and every time I get a different error.  After reading
the mailing lists, I'm not sure that what is checked into cvs is allowing W2k to
join the domain.

Thank you for your assistance,


P.S.  If I get a working copy of the code I'll be more than happy to post a page
to allow others to grab that for testing purposes.

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