Can Samba Provide a User List for Win98 Sharing

Larry James ljames at
Wed Nov 1 14:55:49 GMT 2000

     Thanks, James, for all the help.  Looking at the web resource you
gave me was the key to getting things up and running.

     There's a strange problem that's happening with the configuration.
I used the default pdc.smb.conf making a few changes as posible so as
not to break the setup, and to actually see it work.  Now when I try to
set the domain to something other than the "LARS" which was in the
default file, I it won't allow me to use the resources.  My passwords
don't work.

     This is the error that comes in the log.smb:

	  SMB LM/NT Password did not match!
	  Rejecting user 'ljames': authentication failed

     Is there some place where the workgroup/domain information is
stored and some way I can change it?  I deleted the /usr/local/samba
directory and started over fresh.  However, still, the "LARS" works,
while any other name for the workgroup will always produce the same

     Thanks in adance for anyone who has any suggestions or comments.
			-- L. James

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> Larry:
> Take a look at
> and also
> for thorough discussions of these issues.

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