Samba source style guide (was Re: regcreateval "(default)"?)

Peter Samuelson peter at
Thu May 25 00:49:05 GMT 2000

Luke, hacking in your tree (which I hope to start doing more of as I
learn my way around and find things I can actually understand well
enough to hack on), do you have any sort of style guide?  The GNU
Project has one, the Linux kernel has one....  Do you have prefs?  Does 
the Samba Team as a whole have prefs?  I have seen conflicting styles
in the source tree, and even within a source file.

`while' or `for'?  Do or don't use braces when there's only a single
statement in an if/for/while?  Spaces before and after `=' or not?
Stuff like that.

For indent conventions, if you could point me at one self-consistent
source file demonstrating the "Correct Way", that'd be nice.


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