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Tue May 16 21:24:13 GMT 2000

At 12:30 AM 5/19/00 +1000, Paul Lussier wrote:
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>"Ingo T. Storm" said:
>>I think that the 2.2 for the release branch is favorable while the "2.1" in
>>the book is unfortunate.

Hmmm, you have to appreciate that people writing books on Samba can only go
on the best information available, and then things change.

The Using Samba book, which is not the best Samba book out there and is
quickly getting dated, was written at a time when 2.1 was looking like the
next main release.

I have just finished Special Edition, Using Samba, a much more
comprehensive book, and more up-to-date, and I made reference to Samba
2.0.8, which now looks like it will never be released. C'est la vie.

>>How about a prominently placed "Samba version guide" right on
>>I don't think anybody buying the book will get by without looking there.
>I know I'd appreciate it.  I've been playing around with Samba for quite
>time, but was off the list for a few months.  I still don't quite get the
>2.0.x vs. HEAD vs. TNG thing.  Something explaining which is which, and what 
>the differences/goals of each are on the website would be great!

Not many people have the time to do this, we are either writing code or
writing books or writing Samba courses ...

Anyone want a Samba course? I have a 2-day one done ...

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