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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu May 18 15:38:41 GMT 2000

Paul Lussier wrote:
> I know I'd appreciate it.  I've been playing around with 
> Samba for quite some time, but was off the list for a few 
> months.  I still don't quite get the 2.0.x vs. HEAD vs. 
> TNG thing.  Something explaining which is which, and what
> the differences/goals of each are on the website would be great!

Tag		Description
---		-----------
HEAD		Main development branch corresponding to 3.0

SAMBA_TNG	Luke's experiemental development branch (mostly
		for PDC work)

SAMBA_2_0_RELEASE	Corresponds to the release code (e.g 2.0.6,
			2.0.7, etc...)

SAMBA_2_0	tree for 2.0 development (now proposed for 2.2)

So work is done in HEAD, merged into SAMBA_2_0, and the 
becomes the release (while being snapshotted into SAMBA_2_0_RELEASE

Any work done is TNG is merged back into HEAD as the code 
is reviewed.

Does this help everyone?

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