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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu May 18 15:14:07 GMT 2000

Paul Lussier wrote:
> Can you define "officially supported PDC impementation"? 
> i.e., what will be different capability-wise when TNG 
> is "released" vs. what's currently available in 2.0.7?

Officially in this sense means

	"We advertise this functionality to work and will
	correct problems if it does not."

It also means that we (SAMBA Team) are locked into supporting
the options/functionality included in the official release.
i.e. "backwards compatibility"

Here's the deal.  Luke and others have done a wonderful
job of implementing the functionality.  The advantage of
Luke having his own branch is that he does not have to worry 
about breaking other things while he is working (e.g. Windows
9x logons...which he has done several times in TNG). 

However, this freedom to redesign does not exist as much in 
the release (2.0.x) branch.  What arrives in the release 
branch is usually the second implementation.  What I mean
is that the first implementation for new functionality is
normally done in one of the development branches such
as SAMBA_TNG or the HEAD branch.

Luke and Andrew are (and have been) working very hard 
to merge the HEAD and TNG branches.  Eventually, this merge
will filter down to the current release tree (of which Jeremy 
is in charge of).

Of course this all takes a great deal of coordination to 
pull off :-)

> Currently I seem to get domain logons and roaming 
> profiles with 2.0.7, which implies to me that TNG will 
> have more.  If this is correct, what? :)

for more information on SAMBA_TNG.

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