Next stable version of Samba.

Peter Samuelson peter at
Thu May 18 04:18:47 GMT 2000

[Chris Tooley <ctooley at>]
> Plus 2.0.7 seems to be stable, for us, and works perfectly, for the
> features the 2.0.x line can support, with no more adjustments (I'm
> sure this is not an absolute for everyone).

That brings up a good point: Jeremy, could you think about releasing a
2.0.7a to fix those minor bugs 2.0.7 has brought to light?  I'm
thinking in particular of David Lee's latest UTMP, the "rm -r
source/bin" for building outside the source directory, and there are a
couple other obvious things in my list at

Then, that stuff put to rest, I'd say go ahead with 2.2.0.


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