Next stable version of Samba.

Bruce Tenison btenison at
Wed May 17 21:41:16 GMT 2000

I'm all for it, myself.  We're used to seeing the last digit meaning
bugfixes and if this is a more-major enhancement, I say go for it!


> Hi all,
>         I'd like to ask to make a version number change
> for the next stable release. Currently we're planning to
> release something we're planning to call 2.0.8.
> However, what I'm actually busyly creating in the CVS tree
> is HEAD minus vfs and dfs and some of the TNG mods.
> This is a very big change to call 2.0.8, which implies a
> minor rev. on 2.0.7.
> Now I still want to ship this code as the next release,
> as it is *significantly* better than what otherwise would
> be in 2.0.8. I will go into more details on the changes
> in a later email, but this code is *definately* more robust
> and correct from an SMB standpoint than the 2.0.x code.
> But I'd like to call it 2.2.0 instead. That way people
> know this is a more significant change, and will hopefully
> do more testing before slotting this into a production
> system.
> Currently I have buy off from the rest of the Samba Team
> on this version change, what does everyone else think ? 
> Regards,
> 	Jeremy Allison,
> 	Samba Team.

Bruce Tenison
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