smbwrapper vs smbmount

iddwb David.Bear at
Fri May 5 16:29:56 GMT 2000

Just going through the O'Reilly "Using Samba".  On p 34 it mentiones a
problem with smbwrapper and libc v2.1 on Red Hat.  I'm using Caldera and
my libc is 2.2.1-1 -- anyone know if there is still a problem with that
and the latest 2.0.7 release?

Also, I'm still not clear as to the difference between --with-smbwrapper
and using smbmount ?  The book indicates smbwrapper is more
"portable" across unicies... I've used smbmount on caldera with great
success.  So, now that I'm ungrading to 2.0.7 I just want to be carefull
and choose the 'best' option.

BTW, I may also be doing this on FreeBSD as well -- if that makes a

David Bear
College of Public Programs/ASU

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