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Fri May 5 16:04:03 GMT 2000

I was just noticing the following from a previous posting:

On Mon, 1 May 2000, Michael Glauche wrote:

> > Hi all. I'm currently having problems with changing passwords under NT
> > having this new password being stored in /etc/yp/passwd and smbpasswd.

Is this true?? Are samba passwords stored in /etc/yp/passwd and smbpasswd?
Is the /etc/yp/ path hardcoded? Are machine passwords also in

Under 2.0.6 and before, samba is able to find the unix passwords whereever
they might live, and machine passwords lived only in smbpasswd.

Did authentication change within TNG? I'm wondering, maybe that's why I
can't seem to be able to make an NT machine join a domain or even
establish an smbclient session from a unix box.

Running Solaris 2.6 and TNG-2.5.X

Please help!


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