Domain / Workgroup Problems...

Martin Helas helas at
Tue May 2 15:32:50 GMT 2000

> Hi,
> i'm new at this ML and sorry for my bad english. :-P
> Ok here my problem. I have samba 2.0.6 he is the PDC in my local network.
> In the network are few Windows NT and some Win9x PC.
> The problem is 1x Win9x and 1x Winnt cant see any PC in the
> network but if i
> try \\<pcname> thats work. Some con see my Linux box and 1-3 NT and 1-4
> Win9X and other more Win9x and none NT, Linux PC's. Whats wrong?
> here my Global section of the SMB server. I have on all machines
> the TCP/IP
> protocol installed ... it works great but i cat see in my Network
> the other
> PC.
just try to set the wins-server on the clients to the ip of the samba-server
than try it again, it should work


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