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I needed to practice my Spanish, so I thought I would try translating
William's email.  Programmed translators rarely seem to work with technical



I have a QBEX machine with Linux RedHat 6.1 and Samba (between version
2.0.5a and 2.0.6) as domain server, authenticating the Windows98 clients.
But I have the following problem :

Sometimes the user is authenticated perfectly, but at other times not,
saying that the password is incorrect (and I am 100% sure that it is).
Today, 1st of May, in the morning I managed to log in with a user account,
but two hours later I could not log in with any user account (including the
one that I used in the morning).

I work in a University and tomorrow I need to be able to provide Internet
access.  Without user authentication the Windows 98 terminals cannot be

What could be the problem?  I have already checked the configuration and it
hasn't changed (it worked previously).

Hoping for a prompt reply,



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Pardon the bad thing of ingles, which happens is that this message this
writing in Spanish and translated by one of those programs translators.

I have a machine qbex with linux redhat 6,1 and samba (version between
2.0.5a and 2,0,6) like server of dominions, and here they validate the
machine win98, but it presents/displays the following problem: 

Accustom valued perfect the user, but you accustom no, showing the message
that his key not is correct (and I am 100% insurance that if it is it),
today 1 of May in the morning I let make session with a user, and as 2 hours
later I do not let make session with any user (not even with whom I enter
the morning). 

Work in a University, and tomorrow must give service of Internet and if you
do not validate the users cannot be used the terminals win98. 

That it will be the problem. I already reviewed the configuration and not
this modified (bony it has the same one of when it worked). 

I hope to be able to have answer soon. 
Mensaje en español


Perdone lo malo del ingles, lo que pasa es que este mensaje esta escrito en
español y traducido por uno de esos programas traductores

Poseo una maquina qbex con linux redhat 6.1 y  samba (versión entre la
2.0.5a y 2.0.6) como servidor de dominios, y aquí validan las maquinas
win98,  pero presenta el siguiente problema:

Aveces valida perfecto el usuario, pero aveces no, mostrando el mensaje que
su clave no es correcta (y estoy 100% seguro que si lo es), hoy 1 de mayo en
la mañana dejo hacer sesión con un usuario, y como 2 horas después no dejo
hacer sesión con ningún usuario (ni siquiera con el que entro en la mañana).

Trabajo en una Universidad, y mañana se tiene que dar servicio de internet y
si no validad los usuarios no se pueden usar las terminales win98.

Que será el problema. Ya revisé la configuración y no esta modificada (ósea
tiene la misma de cuando funcionaba).

Espero poder tener respuesta pronto.

Cúcuta - Colombia

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