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Sun Jun 18 01:42:03 GMT 2000

>From smb.conf

wins proxy (G)

              This  is  a  boolean  that controls if nmbd will respond to
broadcast name queries on behalf of other hosts. You may need to set
              this to "yes" for some older clients.

              Default:      wins proxy = no

I believe you can set this, AND set the wins server = x.x.x.x to accomplish
the forwarding you are looking for. If I am wrong, someone please let me

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> Hi guys.
> I hope, that I can help you.
> You can use only one of this two icons:
> wins support = yes
> OR!
> wins server = x.x.x.x

Yes I know this....but I want to know does my smbd will forward clients
question. Example:
My ip is
I have set wins server=
Windows machine in my LAN have set WINS to ( which realy is
not the wins )
Do windows machines question will be forwarded to or my
server ( will answer this?

Sorry for my english:)


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