Samba 2.0.7 PDC not updating user list

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Mon Jul 31 23:03:47 GMT 2000

At 12:27 AM 01/08/2000 +0200, MATLAB Control Models wrote:
>Ah, but 2.0.7 has made a list. Thus there must be some way to update it.
>I have no need for user manager for domains to work on the samba box, just
>be able to authenticate users on the client workstations. This is working
>except that the list does not update. 
>Where is the list stored ? How can it be updated. Can I force samba to
>the list.

Hmm... What we have here is a failure to communicate !

When you say that samba is not updating its passwd list what are you doing
and what is samba not doing ?

Have you created the origional smbpasswd (data) file ? You should be using
the program smbpasswd to add a user to the smbpasswd file. There should
already be an entry in /etc/passwd for that user. For example under linux
as root :

> adduser -n -s /bin/false -g users joeblow
> smbpasswd -a joeblow

Joe Blow will then be prompted to enter a password. You should be able to
see the entry in smbpasswd by :
> tail /usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd

All of the above command produce reasonable error messages and 'User
manager for Domains' is not involved at any stage. More info on


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