Need for FAQ & Howtos about samba-TNG + SWAT problems

Michael Glauche mg at
Wed Jul 26 12:25:35 GMT 2000

> Hi again.
> Ok, for the moment I will forget about SWAT.
> Thank you for the links, but I already read them ! I found lots of
> information, but some is still missing...
> By the way, Here follow my wants. I would like to set up a PDC with
> SAMBA-PDC but only as an authentication server, and keep our samba 2.0.7
> file server & maybe print server (which deserves about 30 users and
> 4 printers).
> So, for the moment our samba 2.0.7 acts as a PDC, with the well-known
> problems due to the fact the emulation is not perfect  ; I mean, there is
> possibility to perform trust relationship, the fact that win2K cannot
> etc...
> My questions are the following then:
> 1° If I want to setup my TNG, is it roughly the same as with samba 2.0.x ?
> meaning create users in Unix and then use smbpasswd utility to create
> workstations & users accounts ) ? Must I use domain group map and domain
> user map options in smb.conf with samba TNG ?

Its about the same, but this IS in the links ;)
you CAN use domain group map and domain user map, it's not mandantory ;)

> 2° Is it possible with such a configuration to allow joining domain
> with the tools of Windows NT ?

(This should be also on the links I posted .. :)
Yes. with TNG you can skip the smbpasswd -a -m machine$ part
of the usre creation, if you specify the ROOT (*yuck* ... has
to be as smbpasswd is allways -rw------ !!! :(((()
user and password (you must add him to the smbpasswd, of course)

> 3° How to establish a trust relationship with another domain ?

ah .. that thing is *very* experimental, it was discussed not long
ago here ... (how to make it work with CVS)

> 4° I think the printing routines are better with samba TNG. Is that true ?
> (closer to NT mode )? enabling printing is as with 2.0.x ?

No. Printing is better in HEAD. HEAD and TNG printing is very simmilar
(the same new code by JF :), with the difference that the TNG code is more
buggy ;)
(I did try the TNG printing some  time ago, but ran into a couple of
problems ...)

> 5° What is the purpose of samedit ? Is this tool useful only for SAM
> replication between PDC and BDC ?

Samedit will hopefully replace the "smbpasswd" utility in TNG. it is a more
"sane" version of rpcclient, and maybe even some sort of usrmgr.exe in a
console app.

> I apologize for asking so much questions, and I appreciate your help. By
> way, feel free to send me your config files (smb.conf especially), even
> in the case you have the same kind of configuration.


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