Was: Need for FAQ & Howtos about samba-TNG + SWAT problems

EFT.Eric Devolder edevolder at eft.be
Wed Jul 26 12:10:08 GMT 2000

Hi again.

Ok, for the moment I will forget about SWAT.

Thank you for the links, but I already read them ! I found lots of
information, but some is still missing...

By the way, Here follow my wants. I would like to set up a PDC with
SAMBA-PDC but only as an authentication server, and keep our samba 2.0.7 for
file server & maybe print server (which deserves about 30 users and handles
4 printers).

So, for the moment our samba 2.0.7 acts as a PDC, with the well-known
problems due to the fact the emulation is not perfect  ; I mean, there is no
possibility to perform trust relationship, the fact that win2K cannot logon,

My questions are the following then:

1° If I want to setup my TNG, is it roughly the same as with samba 2.0.x ? (
meaning create users in Unix and then use smbpasswd utility to create
workstations & users accounts ) ? Must I use domain group map and domain
user map options in smb.conf with samba TNG ?
2° Is it possible with such a configuration to allow joining domain directly
with the tools of Windows NT ?
3° How to establish a trust relationship with another domain ?
4° I think the printing routines are better with samba TNG. Is that true ?
(closer to NT mode )? enabling printing is as with 2.0.x ?
5° What is the purpose of samedit ? Is this tool useful only for SAM
replication between PDC and BDC ?

I apologize for asking so much questions, and I appreciate your help. By the
way, feel free to send me your config files (smb.conf especially), even more
in the case you have the same kind of configuration.

Thank you,

	Eric :)

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