Samba PDC and Jetadmin

Heinz Christian Christian.Heinz at
Wed Jul 26 12:19:44 GMT 2000


your problem is not the jetdirect - it is instead the printing subsystem.
if you use a kind of bsd lpr, then only root or the owner (user!) of the job
can interact with it.
so you have root:somegroup as permissions for all lpr queues and lpr/lpq/lpc
knows via the 
print-control-file about the owner. 

via samba, this does not work if you have the printers shared for groups or
you use user-mappings.

have a look instead on lprng - there you can set up via /etc/lpd.conf which
user(s) can control the queues.
an side effect is that displaying print jobs in printmanager and
pause/restart queues works also ;-)

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> Yep, but I Cant cancel a print job that is queued..
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> >As far as I know the HP can only accept one TCP connection at a time.
> >So...if you cannot cancel an active print job.  You should be able to
> cancel
> >any that are queued after it though (that haven't been sent to the
> printer).
> >I don't think this is a weakness of SAMBA -- it's HP's fault...
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> >Now I am in a deeper trouble, I have a sun e450 running solaris, and
> >samba 2.0.7, My problem is that when a user send a job it prints ok, BUT
> >the user cannot cancel his job, looking in the samba commands I saw that
> >the cancel command is not working, it complains that cannot talk with
> >the printer service. My suspect is the jet admin.
> >Somebody has a advice in this subject? Wich command I have to put on
> >smb.conf to cancel a job on jetadmin (hp).
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