ntdom faq outdate?

Lars Kneschke lkneschke at vater-gmbh.de
Fri Jul 14 20:07:40 GMT 2000

> but the files I created were already world readable and the material
> concerning 'configuring domain administrators' covered in both faqs are
> more or less the same and seemms to be applicable to both 2.x and TNG
> version.
> Referring to my first post, after doing what the faq suggests, root is
> just like an ordinary user (no priviledge to do admin tasks) and I
> couldn't logon to the NT domain as administrator, even I've put
> root=administrator in the domainuser.map file.
This maps the name "administrator" to the name "root".

> Do I have to put root in the domain adm group?
> But what's the point of doing root=administrator then?

> Confusing & Frustrating.....
Why? ;-)

> But thank you for your responding to my post.
> Wish to receive more feedback & help....
> Hope someone could resolve for me these Samba-NTDOM mysteries.
Which Samba version do you use?

Samba 2.0.X:

domain admin group = @admingroup  <== this is a unix group, any user in this
group is a administrator

Samba TNG:

have a look at the FAQ at www.kneschke.de/ ..... This should work.
With Samba TNG you should be able to administrat your windows nt box, if log
in as root.



Lars Kneschke

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