ntdom faq outdate?

Wilson Yau wilson at coms.com
Mon Jul 17 11:08:36 GMT 2000

Lars Kneschke wrote:
> > but the files I created were already world readable and the material
> > concerning 'configuring domain administrators' covered in both faqs are
> > more or less the same and seemms to be applicable to both 2.x and TNG
> > version.
> >
> > Referring to my first post, after doing what the faq suggests, root is
> > just like an ordinary user (no priviledge to do admin tasks) and I
> > couldn't logon to the NT domain as administrator, even I've put
> > root=administrator in the domainuser.map file.
> This maps the name "administrator" to the name "root".
If I don't put 'root' in the domain admin group, 'administratotor' can
only logon to the local domain, but not the NT domain.

> > Do I have to put root in the domain adm group?
> > But what's the point of doing root=administrator then?
> > Confusing & Frustrating.....
> Why? ;-)

If I don't put 'root' in the domain admin group, 'root' logon to the NT
domain as a ordinary user only.
> > But thank you for your responding to my post.
> > Wish to receive more feedback & help....
> > Hope someone could resolve for me these Samba-NTDOM mysteries.
> Which Samba version do you use?

I'm using samba_TNG_2_5_GOOD

> Samba 2.0.X:
> domain admin group = @admingroup  <== this is a unix group, any user in this
> group is a administrator
> Samba TNG:
> have a look at the FAQ at www.kneschke.de/ ..... This should work.
> With Samba TNG you should be able to administrat your windows nt box, if log
> in as root.

I tried that already.  What frustrating me is that:
If 'root' has to be added in the domain admin group, why the FAQ doesn't
mention this crucial step?  What the FAQs (both 2.x & TNG) cover is only
how to make an ordinary user become a domain admin in general.  Maybe
it's commom sense, but I think it does no harm to add a line for the
explicity of how to logon the the NT domain as 'administrator' which,
actually maps to the home directory of 'root', the superuser in Linux
and most importantly this 'administrator' or 'root' is a domain admin
who can perform all the administrative tasks.

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