ntdom faq outdate?

Wilson Yau wilson at coms.com
Fri Jul 14 09:06:16 GMT 2000

Dear Matthew,

> I believe you're looking at the FAQ for Samba 2.0 NTDOM. Try
> http://www.kneschke.de/projekte/samba_tng/

It look like a different angle of presenting a similar topic.

What more might be:

Tell samba where to look for the configfile. The configfile must be

chmod ugo+r /opt/samba-tng/private/domaingroup.map 

but the files I created were already world readable and the material
concerning 'configuring domain administrators' covered in both faqs are
more or less the same and seemms to be applicable to both 2.x and TNG

Referring to my first post, after doing what the faq suggests, root is
just like an ordinary user (no priviledge to do admin tasks) and I
couldn't logon to the NT domain as administrator, even I've put
root=administrator in the domainuser.map file.

Do I have to put root in the domain adm group?
But what's the point of doing root=administrator then?

Confusing & Frustrating.....

But thank you for your responding to my post.
Wish to receive more feedback & help....
Hope someone could resolve for me these Samba-NTDOM mysteries.

Best regards,

Wilson Yau

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