drop NT-server

Lars Kneschke lkneschke at vater-gmbh.de
Wed Jul 12 07:47:39 GMT 2000

> What I did:
> -created Unix-accounts for every workstation, put them into the 
> smbpasswd with 'smbpasswd -a -w <ws>$'
> -created Unix-accounts for every user, put them into smbpasswd with 
> 'smbpasswd -a <user> <password>'
> -logged out the workstations out of the domain
> -removed the NT-server
> -restarted samba with a new smb.conf to act as PDC
> -logged in the workstations to the domain (same name, but now on samba)
> -got the message: 'successfully joined the domain'
Look's good!
> Now the only user who can log in is the administrator of the
> workstation, all other users get the message 'wrong password'. What went
> wrong?
> Could anybody give me a step-by-step help or show me, where to find it?
i would set the "debug level" to 10 and watch the logfile. log.smb
Maybe you should choose another domain name too.


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