drop NT-server

Günter Bielenberg Bielenberg at t-online.de
Wed Jul 12 23:54:05 GMT 2000

moin (or hi),

Lars Kneschke schrieb:
> > What I did:
> > -created Unix-accounts for every workstation, put them into the
> > smbpasswd with 'smbpasswd -a -w <ws>$'
> > -created Unix-accounts for every user, put them into smbpasswd with
> > 'smbpasswd -a <user> <password>'
> > -logged out the workstations out of the domain
> > -removed the NT-server
> > -restarted samba with a new smb.conf to act as PDC
> > -logged in the workstations to the domain (same name, but now on samba)
> > -got the message: 'successfully joined the domain'
> Look's good!
> > Now the only user who can log in is the administrator of the
> > workstation, all other users get the message 'wrong password'. What went
> > wrong?

I fixed it myself: had changed user-groups manually, but not
consequently in all files. Now this message no longer occures,

> i would set the "debug level" to 10 and watch the logfile. log.smb

I did the whole procedure again, watching the logfiles and found Linux
identifying my users 'win' and 'administrator' correctly. I was not
surprised to see that this user don't have their well-known own desktop
(I've written about that in another mail some days ago). The problem is,
I have no administrator's account to my domain. The workstation's admin
is not able to grant the domain user profiles (which are still on my
disk) to the new users. They are annouced as 'unknown' and cannot be
copied. How I hate this foggy Windows-stuff!!

> Maybe you should choose another domain name too.




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