TNG? Does it work?

Holger Eilhard holger at
Sun Jul 2 23:03:41 GMT 2000

> >>>>> "Holger" == Holger Eilhard <holger at> writes:
>     Holger> were I 'started' yesterday, hmm, today :) Some things
>     Holger> changed, but I cannot seem to get it working on win2k, on
>     Holger> 98 everythings' working fine.
> I believe that domain logons in current CVS are broken.  Try getting a
> CVS tree with the tag SAMBA_TNG_2_5_GOOD; this version has worked
> pretty well for NT domain logins.  Password changing doesn't work in
> SAMBA_TNG_2_5_GOOD, however.

Doesn't really matter... :) My main point is that I can get Samba working
under 9x and 2000, and preferably later on with LDAP support (yeah,
currently I'm on the LDAP Trip ;) ).

> Window 98 is "working" for you because the Windows 9x line uses a
> different and older set of protocols for domain logon than the ones NT
> uses.  98 uses SMB calls, while NT uses DEC/RPC calls to a different
> port.  The fact that your Windows 98 box works does not indicate that
> TNG's new domain controller functionality is working.  The only way to
> test TNG is using a Win2K or NT box, preferably an NT box because 2000
> interacts with NT domains differently.

I don't have NT available here anymore. I get some calls on the Linux box on
port 445 (IIRC, could also be 449 or so). I looked up in my /etc/services
and wasn't able to get any information on this port. Anyone please tell me
what this port is user for?

So I'll go my way on the next CVS tree (*_GOOD) :)

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